About Us



Tom Fannin launched Town & Country Chauffeur Drive over 30 years ago with a vision of providing a first-class, authentic Irish experience for independent travelers.  The thousands of international visitors he has hosted since 1988 would insist that he has succeeded in creating a unique experience filled with an astonishing level of history, folklore and Irish culture, always perfectly laced with a touch of humor.  Town and Country has received numerous Award of Excellence from the Irish Tourist Board and along with the myriad customers who return, they'd all agree on their ability to produce a one-of-a-kind Irish adventure backed by the very highest level of customer service.


Today the family-owned operation has two key areas in which they focus their efforts.  The luxury-tour side of the business caters to individuals, families and small groups providing them with a custom itinerary suited to their needs, ‘must-sees,’ activity level and age range.  The foundation of all touring is experiential authenticity, mixed with a tremendous amount of good times and laughter!  The level of detailed planning is incomparable, as are Tom and his staff.  What you take with you from your time in Ireland will be such a treasure, something to be loved and laughed about forever. 


Town & Country has also focused on crafting a first-class service for corporate clients who rely heavily on Town and Country to move their executives around Ireland safely and efficiently.   Corporate services are also tailored to meet the specific and often-hectic schedules of this clientele.  Discretion is paramount and understood, with customers ranging from international business travelers and politicians, to the most iconic musicians and world-class athletes.

Tom’s vision and the foundation on which he built Town and Country, one of dedication, professionalism and perseverance, remain steadfast and thriving.  For three decades, Town and Country’s core values have carried them to the pinnacle of luxury touring in Ireland and will no doubt see them through the next 30 years of the journey.