Luxury Guided Tours of Ireland

Town & Country builds luxury crafted Irish adventures for individuals, families and small groups.  All touring is designed to your unique specification, down to the smallest, intimate detail.  Our expert travel advisors will arrange your custom itinerary, and all trips are hosted by Town & Country Chauffeur-Guides who have an incredible in depth knowledge of all-things Irish, and each has their own style, bringing a uniqueness to their storytelling. Our Chauffeur-Guides have an easy familiarity with staff at hotels, restaurants, museums and local attractions that allows for a streamlined and premium experience. They are passionate, personable and professional. They're also loads of fun!

If the heart of Ireland is its history and hospitality, then the people of Ireland are its vibrant soul.  Charming and gracious, they welcome visitors as if they are family.  There is a kindness to the Irish that creates an experience to be treasured and if laughter truly is the best medicine, then the Irish are as healthy as they come.

A place that is both quaint and powerful, Ireland combines those qualities into a peaceful and sometimes savage beauty.  There is a softness to the country; painted sheep and ruins dotting the roadway.  There is also a sharpness in the landscape; spires seem to touch the sky, the backdrop a sort of brilliant deep green one sees only in films.  Ireland is a one-of-a-kind experience and absolutely one of the most enchanting places on earth.